What we do


We believe that tight budgets and short timetables don't mean compromising on results. Our fully mobile rig makes it possible to work in almost any space, from rehearsal rooms to basements to live shows.
We have full production, mixing, editing, and mastering capabilities in-house, with experience in optimizing your master for vinyl and tape.


Our label is committed to finding new and interesting ways to increase engagement. We believe that it is the job of the label to help the band reach the largest audience, not just sell stuff. Our focus as a label is on empowering the artists with every resource that is available.
Whether you want to record, master, or bring us the finished product, we want to work with you.


We arrange events for the bands we work with, either through the Studio or the Label. We are always on the lookout for better ways to engage audiences and bring more people out to shows. If you record with us, or have us release your album, we would love for you to play at one of our events.

Staff and Gear


“Using open source technologies reduces overhead and fixed costs, allowing a finer degree of control over both pricing and scalability of the operation. While the learning curve for such technologies is significant, the level of granular control is unsurpassed.” -thejus

Hammerfall HDSP

“Based on the legendary Hammerfall PCI core with its innovative zero CPU load technology, the new PCI core developed for RMEs Digiface, Multiface and RPM, is optimized for even higher performance. Thanks to the latest chip technology, internal hi-speed RAM can be used faster and more efficient than external SRAM. The PCI engine of the Hammerfall DSP System is built on a Zero wait state PCI Busmaster core. With up to 130 MB/s transfer rate in both directions the maximum performance available on the 32 bit PCI bus is used. Additionally the card offers highest compatibility by being 100% Plug & Play compatible under Windows and Mac OS, and being able to share interrupts. The card itself will only use one interrupt (IRQ) for all functions (audio/MIDI.) The connection between PCI card and I/O box is established using ordinary firewire cable (IEEE 1394, 6-pole.) The data transfer does not use Firewire protocol, but our own proprietary bus protocol. The supplied cable is 4 m (12 ft.) long. The PCI card operates as power supply for the attached I/O-box (Digiface, Multiface, Multiface II, RPM) over the FireWire cable.” -www.rme-audio.de

Customized Gear

“While the use of stock gear is prevalent in the industry, the unique sound pallete and nuance that can be achieved with hardware customization allows the producer the ability to shape tone in a way that allows the artist's vision to be fully realized.” -thejus

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Our 1st Event Facebook Event Link

The Windup Space [12 W North Ave, Baltimore, Maryland 21201]
Doors @ 8pm; No cover but donations are welcome!
Current Donation Rewards
$5: AE button and wristband that allow you to order from the Special Board
$10: get the button, wristband, and a screen printed version of the show poster
$20: get the button, wristband, and the poster on GLITTER PAPER!! (ooohh shiiinnny)
$25: everything on the $20 tier and a chance to taste test a new coffee from Zekes Coffee! It doesn't even have a name yet!!

50% of all donations will be given to The Community School, which is an academic & mentoring high school based in the Remington community. For more information, go to http://tcshighschool.org/